Fortnite’s Travis Scott Astro Jack skin has a detail you may have missed

Epic Games

Fortnite’s new Travis Scott cosmetics include an Astro Jack skin that has players speculating over one key detail that you may not have noticed.

Travis Scott is gearing up for a series of virtual performances in the world of Fortnite starting April 23. Accompanying the in-game concerts are a slew of new challenges, map changes, and cosmetics. 

One cosmetic in particular, the Astro Jack skin, has players buzzing over a significant detail that can be easily overlooked if you don’t look closely.

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What does the Cactus Jack skin tease?

The Astro Jack skin pays homage to both the Astroworld album and the Cactus Jack brand. “Out of this world” the flavor text reads for the astronaut-themed skin, yet which world might it be referring to?

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While the visor features the Cactus Jack logo, the helmet’s reflection appears to show a familiar landscape.

Fortnite’s original map from the first 10 seasons, codenamed ‘Athena,’ appears in the visor, as though the astronaut character is straight out of that world.

There’s no telling if this is an intended teaser of what’s to come, but Fortnite fans has already begun to put pieces together for much grander storylines.

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Could the skin be hinting at Fortnite’s future?

It would be quite the stretch to claim this subtle cosmetic tease is outright hinting at the return of the original Fortnite map. Though there could still be plenty worth reading into. After all, it might serve as a unique throwback to Chapter 1.

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One intriguing theory alludes to both Fortnite’s old map, and the current map, all taking place “on the same planet,” according to Redditor ‘NomNomNomNation.’

With the black hole event that led to the dawn of the new map, Fortnite was shot through a black hole. It’s entirely plausible that the start of Chapter 2 led to the same planet, just in an “alternate reality.”

Could this Cactus Jack skin be from the original reality? Might it be teasing an event that leads us back to the old dimension? These are all questions we’ll just have to wait and see play out.

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With concerts kicking off on April 23, perhaps the string of performances will be capped off by a world-altering event. Or the subtle throwback could be nothing more than a neat visual easter egg.

In the meantime, here are five things we do know for absolutely certain about the upcoming Travis Scott event.