How to complete Fortnite’s Travis Scott Astronomical event challenges

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The Travis Scott Astronomical Challenges are live in Fortnite, letting all fans speedrun through the objectives before the in-game Cactus Jack concerts take over the servers.

The Astronomical stage on the Fortnite island will be key for most of the challenges, and will require you to bust a move like you would at a Cactus Jack show in real life. To get to the nitty-gritty, check out the guide below for the steps you need to complete every new entry in the game.

The next set of challenges in v12.41 will give the Fortnite community three different tasks, each of which will unlock a new item inspired by Travis Scott’s brand – and completing all three gives them access to a special dance emote.

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The challenges for the Travis Scott x Fortnite event.

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For the first challenge, you will have to dance for 10 seconds on the dance floors located at The Yacht or Apres Ski.

This one is the most straightforward challenge of the set; all you need to do is make sure you have enough room to use an emote before getting killed by another person looking to complete the first task.

Then, to complete the ‘Bounce off of different giant Astro heads,’ you will have to make a trip down to the Astronomical stage area.

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Travis Scott heads are going to be located around the Astronomical stage.

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Once you’re there, giant Astro heads (Travis Scott’s head statues) will be located on the surrounding islands. The challenge wants you to do this five times, which will be easy to do if you’re quick enough.

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The giant heads are located very near each other in front of what could be the stage for the Astronomical in-game event.

Completing the second challenge will net you the special banner icon for the Cactus Jack event in Fortnite.

via FortTory
Simply visiting the stage will complete the third challenge in Fortnite.

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Finally, the simplest challenge in the stack requires you to visit the stage north of Sweaty Sands. By doing this, you’ll get the last piece of content in the challenge set.

Then, by locking down all three challenges, you’ll get a new Travis Scott emote reminiscent of the rapper’s famous on-stage moment from 2017.

Due to the upcoming Travis Scott concerts taking place within Fortnite, these are going to be popular items to collect to show off during the show.

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