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This amazing fan-made Fortnite Christmas skin will get you in the festive spirit

Published: 21/Nov/2018 10:08 Updated: 21/Nov/2018 10:45

by Matt Porter


A creative Fortnite fan has designed a concept skin that will help players of the popular battle royale title get into the holiday spirit.

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Designed by Reddit user ‘Recade15’, the skin is an updated version of the Summit Striker character that was recently released for the game, with new items and colors added to give the skin a more festive feel.

Recade15’s Pine Patroller skin has been designed with a new backbling and a special winter-themed harvesting tool. It’s only a concept, but players would truly be decked out in Christmas garb if they jumped out of the Battle Bus dressed in this.


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The Pine Patroller also features a hooded winter coat, split in half with one side colored green and the other red, along with knee pads and boots in the matching Christmas shades. Wrapped around his neck is a scarf to help keep him warm, while red and white candy canes hang from a strap across his chest.

The ‘Christmas Conifer’ backbling is a Christmas tree complete with fairy lights and a star on top, while the ‘Blizzard Breaker’ harvesting tool is a snow shovel, perfect for digging your way out of sticky situations.

Recade15The Pine Patroller concept skin, along with Christmas Conifer backbling and the Blizzard Breaker harvesting tool.
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Some sort of snow shovel could well be a handy item to have in the coming weeks in Fortnite, as many fans believe that Epic Games are dropping hints that a cold snap may be on its way to the battle royale title.

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A mysterious storm cloud has been spotted hovering over the ocean, just on the horizon of the Fortnite map, with fans believing that the cloud will begin to make its way towards the island and bring a massive snowstorm with it.

The Pine Patroller is unfortunately nothing more than a concept dreamed up by an avid Fortnite player, but fans of the game may not have to wait too long to find out what jolly Christmas treats Epic Games have in store for the holiday season.