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Fortnite players discover major problem with new Scavenger Pop-Up Cup mode

Published: 21/Nov/2018 1:48 Updated: 21/Nov/2018 2:00

by Wyatt Donigan


While the first Scavenger Pop-Up Cup tournament mode was met with acclaim, the newest version introduced with the v6.30 update has one glaring problem.

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Scavenger Pop-Up Cup tournaments are limited-time tournament modes with unique rulesets that allows players to switch things up from the standard game mode.

The v6.30 update on November 20 came with a new version of the popular tournament mode centered on Duos, but players have since found a huge problem with it.

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Material caps and faster gathering of materials are a main component of the mode and the Duos variant features a material cap of 300 for each type of material. This low cap has introduced an unexpected bump in the road. 


Vending Machines are present throughout the map and allow players the ability to purchase items in exchange for materials. Legendary items are available in the machines for 375 materials, meaning that players would be unable to buy anything from these machines while in this mode.

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Team Liquid’s ‘Chap’ first came to this realization while playing the mode with his teammate ‘72HRS’, saying “Everything in the Legendary Vending [Machine] is out of our budget. We literally can’t buy anything!”

While Chap didn’t run into a Legendary machine himself, one unlucky Reddit user did manage to come across one and was unable to buy anything from it due to the material cap.

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375 wood for a p90 in scavenger popup cup :thinking_face: from r/FortNiteBR

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With the speed in which Epic Games has been updating Fortnite, it may not be long before the Legendary Vending Machines are removed from this mode.

Until then, just hope that you get lucky and never see one of these machines while playing this week’s Scavenger Pop-Up Cup tournament.