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This winter theme and snowmobile concept would look incredible in Fortnite

Published: 9/Nov/2018 19:42 Updated: 9/Nov/2018 19:45

by Albert Petrosyan


With the Halloween themed Fortnitemares event now all wrapped up in Fortnite, the player-base is turning its attention to the next major season – winter. 

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It’s clear that fans have high expectations for what Epic Games may have in store for the winter season, with many speculating that there could be numerous themed map changes.

As is usually the case, the creative minds on Reddit have already come up with several concepts for what winter could look like in Fortnite.

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User ‘statum12’ suggested that Lonely Lodge should be filled with snow for the month of December, and a fast travel ski lift be added as a way to get to and from the location.


According to this concept, the snowy terrain would only be in a specific location, and not spread to other places throughout the map.

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If a winter theme like this were to be applied to Fortnite, it would also make sense for there to be a snowmobile type vehicle added as well.

Reddit user ‘snowy6191’ came up with this concept image for the ‘Snowcrasher’ vehicle, and it would likely be found in areas of the map where there would be snow.

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The Snowcrasher can either be a new, standalone vehicle or be a temporary replacement for the Quadcrashers that were added in recent months.


Despite its design and name, the Snowcrasher would likely also be able to operate on the map’s other terrain, not just snow. While this may not make much sense, not everything in Fortnite has to be ultra realistic. 

Whether or not any of these ideas get added to the game remains to be seen, but players can rest assured in their expectations that there will be themed changes of some sorts made to the map.

Last winter, the Battle Bus and many of the pine trees on the map were adorned with Holiday lights and ornaments, and the Grenade Launcher was adjusted to shoot exploding snowballs rather than grenades.