Tfue loses his mind after Fortnite fall glitch derails Duos Cup run

Andrew Amos
Twitch: Tfue / Epic Games

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s Daily Duos Cup run with ‘innocents’ didn’t get off to an amazing start on April 29, with Tfue accidentally killing his partner due to a weird fall glitch in water.

Falling is one of the many ways you can die in Fortnite. However, water is meant to be your friend ⁠— not foe ⁠— when it comes to taking a leap of faith.

You could have sworn the water was concrete though when Tfue and Innocents accidentally got caught up in a weird glitch out by Grotto, leading to the death of the latter just as their Duos Cup run was kicking off.

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While they were collecting materials deep out in the storm, Tfue and Innocents were looking to start rotating out and make it to the zone on the other side of the map. However, when Innocents went to climb onto Tfue’s boat, he suddenly was downed from 100-0.

“What just happened bro? Did I just kill you with the boat,” said Tfue, very confused. “Why are you crawling in the water? You’ve gotta stop f**king crawling in the water. You’re drowning!”

The killfeed lit up saying “Innocents got knocked out by a fall (27m)” although it was hardly even that. However, with him glitching out in the water, there was no saving him, with the killfeed changing its tune to “Tfue eliminated innocents with a great fall (0m).”

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The two joked about it, before Tfue kicked into action and looked to reboot his dead teammate. Going further into the zone, they managed to reset and get back into the game.

Tfue didn’t let the funny moment slide though, taking jabs at Innocents the entire time. “It’s not my fault you decided to toaster-bath yourself,” he laughed. “I’ve never seen that shit in my life, I swear. That was the craziest shit.”

Innocents himself mentioned that he had never seen a glitch like that ever as well, before the two deduced that they were just “outplayed” by Epic themselves.

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While their match didn’t get off to the greatest start, they managed to pull it back, with a 12 elimination second-place finish netting them 22 points. It was “the most f**ked up first game ever” by their standards, but it didn’t turn out too poorly.

Tfue and Innocents ended their daily run with 78 points, including 48 elims, but no victory royales.