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Tfue explains why mouse & keyboard in Fortnite is a disadvantage

Published: 28/Apr/2020 10:24 Updated: 28/Apr/2020 12:54

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has explained why the battle royale is the “worst” mouse and keyboard title ever and also noted that he won’t be giving in and playing with a controller anytime soon. 

Even though Fortnite is still setting records for their events and usual matchmaking, professional players like Tfue have plenty of problems with the battle royale in competitive matches.

There have been plenty of frustrations aired with controller players, aim assist, matchmaking servers, and even how tournaments have played out. Now though, Tfue has unleashed both barrels on Fortnite – labeling it as the “worst” game ever for mouse and keyboard players. 

Epic Games
Tfue has seen a lot of success in Fortnite but isn’t happy with the game currently.

During his April 27 stream, the Fortnite star had become frustrated in his final game as he seemed unable to take buildings away from other players. As he was eliminated, his frustrations boiled over and he let loose on the battle royale.

“Nice, you’re a controller player, just jump in with a Scar! This game is so bad. This is the worst mouse and keyboard game I’ve f**king played in my entire life,” he said. “I don’t know who in their right mind enjoys this game on mouse and keyboard, you are f**king psychotic. It is dogs**t. This game is f**king terrible.” 

Some viewers suggested that he swap his mouse and keyboard for a controller – just as some other pro players have done. Though, Tfue added that he just couldn’t do that for the time being.

He continued: “Chat, I would switch to controller but I hate to break it to you, this game is going to die and every other mouse and keyboard game, PC game, is going to be dogs**t on controller. There’s never been a game like this before.” 

Tfue also claimed that every “relevant” controller player would be “irrelevant” if Fortnite does indeed die, because they can’t make the switch to games like Valorant or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with their controller. 

Some fans also pushed him to move away from Florida, as he’s already teased, in order to fix his ping issues, though Tfue pointed out that doing so wouldn’t fix every problem he has with Fortnite. 

If his professional future still lies with Fortnite or he ends up making the switch elsewhere, however, remains to be seen.

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Fortnite death map reveals most dangerous locations

Published: 26/Jan/2021 13:26

by Daniel Megarry


If you’re looking to stay alive until the very end of a battle royale match in Fortnite, you might want to avoid these deadly locations on the map.

We’ve all been there: You spend ages traveling across The Island, collecting and upgrading the best weapons, getting some epic takedowns… and then you die, losing everything in your arsenal and missing out on that Victory Royale.

It’s a frustrating moment, for sure. But avoiding some of the game’s elimination hot spots could help you on your path to success – or at the very least, make you one of the Top 10 remaining players.

Fortunately, one Fortnite leaker has put together a map highlighting the points of interest that have significantly more deaths than others, meaning you’ll know where to avoid next time you go for the win.

Tilted Towers, now blended with Salty Springs, was spotted in the Fortnite Season 5 battle pass trailer.
Epic Games
Some locations have way more deaths than others in Fortnite.

Where is the most dangerous place in Fortnite?

Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi has collected a huge sample of 50,000 deaths that have taken place during Season 5 of Fortnite, and highlighted exactly where they happened on The Island.

Put together, they form a very useful heatmap that shows off the deadliest locations players can visit.

As you can see from the map below, areas with the highest amount of deaths include Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, Misty Meadows, Colossal Colosseum, Retail Row, and Stealthy Stronghold – which is probably due to Predator now appearing there.

But there’s a clear winner here: Salty Towers. There are a few reasons that might help explain why this point of interest – which can be found just west of the Zero Point – is such a deadly area for players to visit.

Firstly, it’s near the center of the map, which is where a lot of the action ends up taking place. Secondly, it’s covered in sand, which means players can really take advantage of the sand tunneling feature to sneak attack their opponents.

Finally, the point of interest was a new addition in Season 5, acting as a combination of previous locations Salty Springs and Tilted Towers, so it makes sense that it’s a popular destination as people rush to check it out.

Lucas7yoshi also shared a zoomed-in map of Salty Towers which shows off the exact point where players in their sample died. They’re marked as red dots on the image below.

Fortnite Salty Towers death map
Epic Games / @Lucas7yoshi
It’s official: Salty Towers is the deadliest location in Fortnite.

Interestingly, this map may have also revealed the most dangerous building on the Island, as there are significantly more deaths centered on the tall building at the south of Salty Towers.

Whether you’re new to the game and still working on your skills, or you simply want to survive as long as possible to get the best chance at a Victory Royale, it’s probably best to avoid Salty Towers at all costs.