Tfue hits out at "clout farmers" for ruining FNCS duos finals - Dexerto

Tfue hits out at “clout farmers” for ruining FNCS duos finals

Published: 20/Apr/2020 16:51

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was left stunned after his final FNCS match was ruined by “griefers”, who intentionally played aggressively towards him and his duo partner Scoped.

The randomness of Fortnite’s battle royale mode has made for some pretty special competitive moments over past events. Who can forget the rampage that Bugha went on during the World Cup – blowing away the opposition to scoop up the $3,000,000 grand prize.

However, there are moments that make everyone involved raise their eyebrows. Players have been berated for ‘taking’ another team’s drop spot, loot routes, and playing aggressively by pushing when timing suggests that they shouldn’t be doing so. That last controversy-filled play-style hampered Tfue’s Fortnite Championship Series performance – and he wasn’t happy about it.


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The FNCS duos Finals were hotly contested across the globe.

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During the final game of the FNCS Finals, Tfue and his partner Scoped dropped at their usual spot of the Grotto – but plenty of other teams dropped too. Extra teams aren’t all that unusual – the pair did battle with Chap and Av prior to the FNCS Finals.

The extra teams during their final match forced them to try and change things up as they got into multiple engagements. Tfue then changed his looting spot, but still let his feelings known.

“Dude, everyone is trying to grief us last game,” he said as Scoped pointed out that it was four teams on their position. “It’s because I have the most viewers, if you’re not going to qualify, might as well try and kill me you know.”


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Though, as Tfue tried to turn back up and take his usual loot path of going into the water and waiting for the zone, he was pushed by an enemy team. “I’m getting fucking pushed for some reason. I don’t know,” he said after being asked who was attacking him. 

“It’s clout farmers bro. This s**t is so f**king cringe. Every single tournament in the last game. These kids are such f**king clout farmers bro, what are they doing?”

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Scoped fell to his death a few minutes later, ruining the pair’s chance of a good finish in the FNCS as they ended up in 16th.


The duo noted that moving forward they will probably have to rethink their strategy so they can prevent similar things happening. However, a big name like Tfue will always be a target so we could see the ‘griefers’ adjust accordingly.