Tfue claims Bugha and Avery teamed on him in Fortnite pro scrims

Andrew Amos
Twitch: Tfue / Epic Games

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney quit Fortnite solo pro scrims abruptly on April 26, but not before claiming the reason why was because World Cup champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf and ‘Avery’ teamed on him.

Some of Fortnite’s biggest names are the latest to be embroiled in teaming accusations. Tfue has claimed that Fortnite World Cup solos champion Bugha collaborated with Avery to take him down in pro scrims.

Tfue was getting along fine in the scrims, with some average placements and games but some standout performances too. However, one of his games ⁠— which proved to be his last ⁠— ended far earlier than he hoped for.

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After he dropped, he was contested by another player, who turned out to be Bugha. He didn’t realise a second player was laying in wait, picking up a wounded Tfue for an easy point.

While this doesn’t seem out of the ordinary when said like this, Tfue was confused by the way both players played.

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“What the f**k is this weirdo doing,” he said about Bugha, before dying to Avery. “Bro I think I just got teamed on. Why is this kid playing so passive on low ground? I’m so confused.”

“I’m fighting this kid [Bugha] ⁠that landed there, contested me ⁠— and he’s just farming, waiting for something, and then I just get lasered in the back through the window. We weren’t in the safe zone either.”

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He explained the play back to Scoped and Assault, who he was in call with at the time ⁠— although deafened ⁠— who both agreed that he was teamed on.

“Avery? They’re 100% teaming,” said Scoped. “I don’t think they’re streaming. Avery plays [with Bugha] all the time, like daily cups and sh*t.”

While Avery and Bugha weren’t a duo in the recent FNCS season, they have played numerous times on stream in the past. There has been rumors of Bugha splitting from previous duo Stretch to play with Avery, but these are also unconfirmed.

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Scoped claimed that the duo were sitting in a Discord call together and not streaming so they wouldn’t get caught teaming, and that this problem plagues the scrim community.

“Bro, pro scrims are so ass dude. No one streams, they all just sit in calls with their f**king friends and call out who’s shooting at them. It’s so cringey.”

Tfue didn’t comment any further, but decided he had enough off scrims, and logged off to play Valorant. “You guys [the viewers] really want me to play that sh*t? I’m literally getting teamed on in pro scrims. I’m not playing that sh*t.”

It comes after allegations of teaming plagued the recent FNCS season. There were two separate instances involving seven players, which led to four players getting 60-day bans, while three others were dropped by their organization.

Avery and Bugha are yet to comment on the accusations, but we will make sure we update you if they eventually do.