Tfue explains why Fortnite could force him to leave Florida

Epic Games

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has revealed that he could be set to move homes once again all in aid of his Fortnite career. 

When competitive Fortnite was in its infancy, Tfue and his partner Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore dominated some of the early tournaments – racking up wins and prize money that their rivals were unable to come close to.

However, the pair, who have since gone their separate ways, have never really been able to recapture that early glory. Tfue qualified for the Fortnite World Cup but only finished in 67th. He’s had success in a few online events since then but has given way to a batch of up and coming stars – with complaints coming in about being hampered by ping.

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Tfue and Cloak after winning a Fortnite tournament.Epic Games
Tfue and Cloak dominated some of the early Fortnite tournaments.

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In order to combat the ping issues, Tfue revealed that he has considered moving up the east coast from Florida to Virginia in order to put himself closer to the Epic Games servers – thus getting better ping.

“I was looking at, I forget where, kind of like outside of DC in between DC and where the servers at,” Tfue said during his March 22 stream. “In between like Ashburn and DC. Dude, they actually have crazy f**king nice houses.”

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It wasn’t a throwaway comment from Tfue though as the Fortnite star continued on with his thought of moving. “You’ve just got to live where there is low ass ping,” he added, before noting that if he got a “zero ping house” Epic might make a change and implement a cap. 

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The streaming star also added that his current ping is “not acceptable,” and shows up at 45 in the game’s settings – with that number drawing an “eww” from Team Liquid’s Chap.

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Whether or not Tfue makes the move remains to be seen, though he has done it before, previously moving in with Cloak for some low ping.

It might help him re-climb the Fortnite competitive mountain, but will it help him reclaim his throne? Only time will tell.