SypherPK explains how “nostalgic” Fortnite Blood Gulch map feels like Halo

Fortnite Blood Gulch SypherPKEpic Games / SypherPK

SypherPK shared his first impressions of Halo’s Blood Gulch map in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. He couldn’t stop smiling about how “nostalgic” it was and thinks they’ll even be able to re-create the entire game once modding is available.

Fortnite players have been spoilt with crossovers lately. Season 5 already started with content from The Mandalorian and God of War. However, the trend continued with Halo’s Master Chief as a skin and a new map based on Blood Gulch.

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It gives older players a chance to re-live their experience on the map in a different way and lets newer players experience it for the very first time. Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan falls into the former category, and he relished in the nostalgia.

Fortnite Blood Gulch SypherPKEpic Games
Blood Gulch has been brought to life once again in Fortnite.

SypherPK headed into Blood Gulch in style. He was wearing the matte black version of Master Chief’s skin, which is only available to players who log in to Fortnite on an Xbox Series X.

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Then, he found himself on the battlefield, perched on the roof of his team’s base inside a box canyon. It was a place he’s been to time and time again on Halo, and it didn’t take him long to get into the groove.

“Dude! Master Chief is popping off! Let’s go,” he yelled, after picking up a power weapon and sniping an enemy in the head. It led him on a trip down memory lane. “Even though this is Fortnite, this is so nostalgic, man.”

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“I know it’s Fortnite, but this is making me feel so nostalgic right now,” he added. “I feel like I’m actually playing Halo. I know it’s not actually the same but holy crap!” He couldn’t stop smiling and laughing about it.

Epic Games
Fortnite players have enjoyed the re-living the Blood Gulch experience so far.

Shortly after, he found something that made him feel even more nostalgic than before. “Wait! They have Warthogs in here but they’re not usable bro. Look at this!” he said. “Hey, imagine if you could just hop in and someone could get on the back with a machine gun.”

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For those who don’t know, it’s a fictional vehicle iconic to the Halo series. Players were able to use them on Blood Gulch as well. Fortnite’s re-creation of the map does include other vehicles, but Warthogs cannot be driven.

SypherPK was a little disappointed, but he pondered on the endless possibilities once modding is available in Fortnite. “Once they add modding to the game, it’s going to be insane,” he said. “Like you’re going to be able to make Halo in Fortnite. Like legit.”

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Fortnite’s crossover with Halo has been a nice surprise. Nostalgia is probably the best way to describe seeing the Blood Gulch map filled with players once again.

However, it’s crazy seeing it re-created so perfectly in a different game. It’s one of the many things that makes Fortnite so special.

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