How to play Halo map Blood Gulch in Fortnite Season 5

. 2 years ago
Fortnite Halo Blood Gulch Map
Epic Games

Halo’s Blood Gulch is coming to Fortnite as a map in Creative Mode. Here’s everything you need to know about accessing the new location.

As if the addition of The Mandalorian and God of War’s Kratos wasn’t enough to get Fortnite fans hyped, Season 5 is now bringing Halo’s Master Chief along for the ride with a set of cosmetics based on the iconic Xbox character.

Epic Games have also announced that there will be a map based on Blood Gulch from Halo: Combat Evolved, designed by Atlas Creative. It will appear only in Creative Mode, and gamers will be able to play rounds of Capture the Flag with two teams of six.

Fortnite Blood Gulch Halo map
Epic Games
Halo’s iconic Blood Gulch map is coming to Fortnite in Creative mode

How to play Blood Gulch map in Fortnite

While it’s not being put into the official rotation, you’ll be able to play some Capture the Flag on Blood Gulch like the good old days in Fortnite.

The Blood Gulch map goes live on December 11 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT and you’ll be able to access it through the game’s Creative mode.

You can find step-by-step instructions for accessing the Blood Gulch map below:

  1. Load up Fortnite.
  2. Begin a game in Creative mode and choose ‘Create’.
  3. Once you enter the lobby, find the Blood Gulch map under ‘Pick Of The Week’.
  4. Enter matchmaking and wait for your game to start!
Fortnite Blood Gulch Halo map
Epic Games
You can find the Blood Gulch map under Pick Of The Week

Once you enter matchmaking, the rules for the Capture the Flag game are displayed on a notice board.

“Two teams battle it out in this classic game of capture the flag,” it reads. “First to score 5 points or most points at the end of the 10 minutes wins. Tiebreaker will result in overtime. First to score or last team standing wins!”

Xbox One players need a code to access Blood Gulch

An update from the Fortnite Status account on Twitter has offered a solution to Xbox One players who are currently unable to access Matchmaking portals in Creative mode.

To get to the new Blood Gulch map, Epic have explained that Xbox One players will need to enter the code 9677-6974-5646 without matchmaking.

Master Chief and Kratos aren’t the only video game icons who’ll be joining Fortnite this season. A new Gaming Legends Series of cosmetics has been created, with fans speculating that Nintendo’s Samus Aran could be joining soon.

We’re well into Season 5 now, but there’s still plenty more to come. To keep up to date with the latest news, guides, and leaks check out our dedicated Fortnite hub.

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