Strange Fortnite bug lets players edit through multiple builds

Epic Games

A Fortnite player has uncovered a strange new bug that lets them edit through multiple built levels despite being stood directly under a build. 

Even though Fortnite Chapter 2 re-injected some hype from players that had gone missing towards the end of seasons nine and ten, the new instalment of the popular battle royale title hasn’t been without its faults.

Players have registered complaints about issues with the new mechanics – mainly the player carry bug – as well as the long-standing trap items, and even being able to hop on a zip line while being miles below or above. Yet, another new problem has reared its head regarding the game’s building, giving players the chance to edit layers despite having built-in between them. 

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An image of a Fortnite character editing a wall.Epic Games
Building is a key element in Fortnite but it has had its issues in the past.

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It was pointed out by Reddit user I_dun_did_da_reserch, as they posted a demonstration of the bug to the FortniteCompetitive subreddit, questioning “what the f**is this?”  

In the post, the Redditor was able to perfectly edit their way through a layer of their sky-high build despite standing one level below an already-built floor. I_dun_did_da_reserch’s editing capabilities were not limited in any way, though, as they were able to turn the full floor into a half-wall with ease. 

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While the post didn’t pick up much traction, the Fortnite fan was still left questioning why the problem was happening in-game – offering up a further explanation to one commenter who had seemingly been confused about the clip.

“I can grab it from just about any angle so long as I’m pressed up against the floor above me,” I_dun_did_da_reserch explained.

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While phasing through an opponents build and claiming walls are techniques used by Fortnite players, this glitch takes that to the next level – though, it’s unknown if actually works on enemy walls. 

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As of writing, Epic Games haven’t yet picked up on the issue but if it rears its head in the future and becomes a bigger problem they’ll probably have to make a change at some point. 

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