Tfue’s new $3500 custom Fortnite keyboard revealed

Connor Bennett

Twitch streamer TaehaTypes has revealed the completed version of Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s $3500 custom keyboard and it looks pretty perfect for Fortnite.

When it comes to playing games competitively, it helps to have a set-up where you feel comfortable and have the tools to perform at a peak level. Now, you can rush out and splurge on a number of expensive products but that won’t necessarily always help.

However, when you’re someone like Tfue and your in-game skill is matched by a swag level that is off the charts, it doesn’t hurt to splash out on some brand new peripherals that are going to set you apart from your fellow professional players – even if they don’t exactly give you a leg up on the competition.

An image of Tfue taking part in an interview during a Fortnite tournament.
Tfue will be hoping his new keyboard can lead him back to Fortnite glory.

The Fortnite star commissioned TaehaTypes to design a new keyboard for him to play with and it’s pretty special. The smaller keyboard, which many Fortnite players opt for instead of normal-sized ones, has a completely vibrant color finish to it. 

The color of the brand-new keyboard was matched with the keycaps used as well – with a custom finish that has some Japanese lettering underneath the usual English lettering that you find. To really make the new keyboard personalized, it even has Tfue’s tag in the top-right hand corner.

Of course, some viewers may question just as to why a keyboard costs $3500, but the answer from TaehaTypes was simple. It comes down to all the custom parts used, as well as sending it off the coloring, and a number of other manufacturing costs.

Just when Tfue will debut the keyboard of his Fortnite streams remains to be seen, but if it does help him climb the competitive mountain and get back to his early days of dominating games, it’ll have been worth even penny that he’s shelled out.

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