Cloak and Dakotaz reveal how to do insane Fortnite zipline exploit

Twitch: Cloakzy/Epic Games

Popular Fortnite players Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman showcased just how crazy the game’s newest Zipline glitch is by catching on them from standing on the ground, and also while dropping into a match.

Ever since they were introduced back in Fortnite Season 7, ziplines have had a variety of issues. There have been glitches that have seen players die instantly and others that have caused the ziplines not to work as they are supposed to.

However, it appears as if the craziest bug with the movement system has been uncovered in Fortnite Chapter 2 as Cloak and Dakotaz managed to catch a ride on the ziplines – without being anywhere close to the normal range of initiating them. 

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An image of a Fortnite character using a zip line.Epic Games
Zip lines have had many issues since being added to Fortnite.

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During their January 18 stream, the popular pair linked up for a few matches and immediately put the newfound exploit to the test while dropping into a game. 

While dropping and having his glider open in the sky, Cloak lined up his crosshair with the zipline and immediately clicked his action button. To his surprise, the Fortnite professional was immediately able to use the zipline – making his drop much quicker in the process.

“Oh my God, you can – you can teleport down,” the former FaZe Clan member called out. Look straight down on the zipline and press E. Oh my God, what the…”

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However, the pair weren’t finished there. After Dakotaz managed to get the ‘high in the sky’ part of the exploit to work, Cloak tried to do it from the ground – repeating his method of aiming right in line with the zipline and hitting his action key.

Of course, it worked perfectly and prompted Dakotaz to try it for himself. “What the!” the streamer called out as he was sucked up onto the zipline. “Oh my God bro, that’s cheating!”

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Some Fortnite players may have already stumbled upon this exploit but with popular players like Cloak and Dakotaz showcasing that it still works on their own streams, more and more fans will become aware of it.

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It remains to be seen as to whether or not Epic Games will make some sort of change in the future but they will need to do something to avoid it being a problem in competitive play.