Rare Fortnite Golden Peely skin might be unlockable after Season 2

Epic Games

The Fortnite Golden Peely skin from the Season 2 battle pass could be unlockable after June 11, after a message from Epic Support left the door open to the possibility.

The Golden Peely is the pinnacle of the Season 2 Fortnite Battle Pass. The regular Peely skin unlocks at level 1, but to get the Golden variant, you’ll have to grind to level 300.

Players have been playing for hours a day to try and get the skin before Season 2 ends. Despite their efforts though, some players playing the “slow and steady” card might also be able to get it after this season.

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According to an Epic Support message to ‘iFireMonkey,’ the Golden Peely could be unlockable after Season 2. However, it’s only because of its exclusion from a list, rather than an explicit message.

“When a season ends, you can continue to progress the Outfit,” one customer support rep said in an email. “Carbide and Omega are the only exceptions to this rule, as they were locked to their Season.”

This has instilled some hope for players who are just shy of unlocking the rare outfit this season. While some players have invested hundreds of hours into getting the Golden Peely, for most players, it’s been out of reach. A bit of extra time might help players get the style.

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However, in a later message, Epic Support clarified that it could possibly not be the case, as they don’t have the information currently.

“As Epic Game Player Support, we do not handle that information,” a customer support representative stated. “That is why I won’t be able to give you information about this concern.”

On top of this, Epic Games Support has been unreliable in the past with predicting changes in Fortnite. The developers don’t communicate new releases with player support, so players won’t know until the new season drops on June 11.

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The door is ajar though. Fortnite’s Golden Peely could be locked to this season like the Carbide and Omega, or could have progression enabled in Season 3 and beyond.

For players who spent days grinding for it, it’ll be a kick in the guts. However, if you haven’t had the chance to devote hundreds of hours into Season 2, you might just be in luck.