How to make sure your Fortnite crosshair is actually centered

Jacob Hale

Fortnite players have discovered that there is a bit of an issue with the game, in that your crosshair isn’t actually on the center of the screen – but now we know how to fix it.

Obviously, in any shooter game, be it first-person or third-person, you want to make sure you’re shooting at your optimum ability. Getting eliminations is the name of the game.

Even if you think your aim is spot on, perfect aim can’t be achieved when the game itself isn’t allowing you to do so, and that appears to be what’s happening in Fortnite.

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Some players have started to find that at the root of Fortnite’s data on their PCs, the crosshair placement is actually slightly off-center – causing issues for everyone.

Thanks to JpIsTrasher on Reddit, there’s a way to get your crosshair pixel-perfect in the center of the screen. So let’s take you through it and get the problem fixed.

At a native resolution, for example, 1920×1080, you might not be able to get the crosshair dead on, but it’s worth trialing to see how to optimize your game as much as possible. Here are the steps to getting your Fortnite crosshair centered:

  1. Go to %localappdata%
  2. Click on fortnitegame > saved > config > windows client > gameusersettings
  3. In your settings search for windowposx and windowposy
  4. If set to -1, set to 0

Whether placebo or not, many commenters on the Reddit post say that it made the game feel better after making the change, so there could be some serious advantages to making this minor change.

Although it’s only one slight pixel of difference, it seems to be worth trying this out and seeing whether it increases your Victory Royale potential, After all, that one pixel could be the difference between an elimination or being sent back to the battle bus.

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