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Leaked Fortnite Season 3 icon hints at completely flooded island

Published: 1/Jun/2020 10:59 Updated: 1/Jun/2020 11:26

by David Purcell


Epic Games’ plans for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 has been leaked ahead of schedule, with a teaser appearing on the PlayStation Store. 

Just like the previous major update, Season 3 was postponed by the developers who officially confirmed that the release date wouldn’t be at the start of June, but instead on June 11.

Members of the game’s community have been waiting for quite some time for information on the next patch, with leakers and data miners suggesting that a complete map flood might be in the works, and finally it appears that we have gotten an answer.

The fate of the island looks to have been thrown in the air by a leaked image, which surfaced on the PlayStation Store on June 1.


The image, which hasn’t yet been sent out or confirmed by Epic Games, shows the Battle Bus hovering mightily close to the water – with the island in the background, completely covered by water.

Previous leaks suggested that this was going to be the case, although players are still waiting for official confirmation. As seen in the screenshot below, the icon has been spotted on the PS Store.

PlayStation Store
Based on this leaked teaser, it looks like a map flood is on the cards.

The icon itself is also being shared on social media by several Fortnite leakers, such as Fort Tory and FNBRLeaks.

Fortnite & Spongebob crossover?

With the island in the background looking like something from Spongebob Squarepants, it would be easy to think a Bikini Bottom crossover might be in the works. However, FNBR has seemingly shut down those theories by showing the island from the icon has featured in trailers before.


We still await official confirmation on the leaked icon, never mind the rumored crossover, but as soon as new information is made available to us we’ll be the first to let you know!

If there is a severe map change like this coming soon, all eyes turn to the Doomsday event planned to end Season 2, because things are going to have to get a little messy in the near future if this is going to happen.