Pokimane’s Fortnite emote has unintended consequences for every skin

Eli Becht
Pokimane emote fortnite

As part of the Fortnite Icon series, Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys got her own emote in the game, but it’s doing some strange things to the character models.

Epic Games have been rolling out new cosmetics for Fortnite streamers with the new Icon series, with the likes of Ninja, Pokimane, and Jordan Fisher all being immortalized.

Ninja got things started with an outfit skin and emote, while Pokimane and Jordan Fisher followed with emotes. However, Poki’s emote isn’t doing any favors for the skins currently in the game.

Pokimane poses in Instagram selfie
Pokimane has her own Fortnite emote now.

For some reason, her emote, which is a dance that the Twitch superstar popularized, stretched out the skins and warps their body size. This issue isn’t exclusive to just one skin, as players are reporting problems with a variety of them. The Kylo Ren skin, for example, becomes super stretched while using the emote.

An in-game example of this can be seen below, as Reddit user xTechFusion20x captured a clip of the Snorkel Ops performing this emote and becoming warped as a result.


If Snorkle Ops becoming wider isn’t enough evidence, players quickly revealed even more examples of the issue. Redditor Solid- shared an image of three different skins all having enlarged torsos, showing just how widespread the problem has become.

All in all, it’s not the biggest deal as this won’t have any effect on gameplay, but it is annoying to see an emote you paid for significantly alter your character.

Several Fortnite cosmetics have had issues in the past, such as capes having unintended physics, and they were subsequently fixed by Epic.

fortnite icon series
The Fortnite Icon series is immortalizing streamers with in-game cosmetics.

Since this is happening to so many different skins, Epic might get a fix pushed out for this emote as soon as possible. In the meantime, you’ll just have to deal with your character model being a tad thicker than usual whenever you use this dance.

We’ll have to hope that future Icon emotes will not run into issues like this, especially since they all have a chance to become really popular.

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