All leaked Fortnite skins & cosmetics for Chinese New Year event

David Purcell
Fortnite's Chinese New Year event

Epic Games appear to be building towards the arrival of a Chinese New Year event in Fortnite Chapter 2, with new skins and cosmetics being leaked by data miners. 

The game’s developers worked up towards the beginning of 2020 with the Winterfest and Star Wars events, but there’s still one more to be celebrated for one of China’s biggest holidays on January 25.

Fortnite leakers are always waiting in the wings when updates are rolled out, often stumbling upon different skins, styles, pickaxes, gliders, or other cosmetics found in the data files, and there appears to be a number of these leaked for the next in-game event too.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Loading Screen
What skins will be added next in Fortnite Chapter 2?

Chinese New Year content has been added to Fortnite more than once in the past and it looks as if 2020 will be no different, as a number of skins and cosmetic items leaked ahead of schedule.

While many of the items included in the leaks below, provided by data miner ShiinaBR, surfaced in the aftermath of the v11.40 update – the first major patch since the turn of the new year – there is also one outfit that has been lingering around for quite some time, but not yet been released in the battle royale title.

Each section below includes both the outfit, potential styles, back blings, and more. So, let’s take a look.


Leaked Fortnite Tigress outfit and cosmetics
Here’s the leaked Fortnite Tigress outfit and cosmetics.


Leaked Swift outfit Fortnite
Swift is expected to be released during the Chinese New Year event.


Leaked Gan outfit for Fortnite
The leaked Gan skin appears to show two different styles. Would you prefer hair or no hair?

Jade Racer

Jade Racer outfit, backbling and pickaxe leaked
Jade Racer has two styles and two other cosmetics to come with it – at least.

Smoke Dragon

Smoke Dragon outfit for Fortnite Chapter 2.
Leaked Smoke Dragon outfit for Fortnite Chapter 2.


Shifu skin and cosmetics for Fortnite
Shifu and his Fortnite gear was leaked back in August 2019, but haven’t yet been added.

There has been no official word from Epic Games as to what will be included in the Chinese New Year event in-game, but fans – nevertheless – will be expecting these costumes and more to appear as we approach the big day on January 25.

Once we have more conclusive information about the event, in terms of official announcements, we’ll be the first to let you know. Hopefully, it won’t be long before these skin are all jumping from the Battle Bus with you.

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