Ninja praises Fortnite for adding mechanic from Apex and Warzone in Chapter 3

Epic Games / Ninja

Chapter 3 came with a host of fresh changes to the tried and tested Fortnite formula, and it seems to have gone down well fans. Streaming superstar Ninja has welcomed one of the new mechanics, which is a fan favorite in other battle royale titles.

While Fortnite always does numbers that other games can only dream of, Chapter 3 does appear to have breathed new life into the battle royale phenomenon. After a brief spell out of the spotlight, all eyes are firmly back on Fortnite in a big way.

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This is due, in part, to the big additions that have come as part of the new chapter. From Spider-Man’s web-swinging ability to new Super Styles to unlock, there’s plenty to get stuck into in the new era of Fortnite.

But which of the new gameplay features is the biggest and best? Legendary Fortnite streamer, Ninja, has had his say in a recent Tweet.

Fortnite player slidingEpic Games
Chapter 3 introduced plenty of new features for players to master.

In a question to his nearly 7 million followers on his official Twitter account, Ninja asked what the best new feature is in Fornite Chapter 3. The content creator received hundreds of responses, some praising the new armored walls, while others preferred the ability to drop loot while knocked.

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However, one response was clearly Ninja’s favorite. When one of his many followers replied saying that sliding was the best new part of Fortnite Chapter 3, he simply responded with the “100” emoji.

A common part of other shooter titles like Call of Duty and Apex Legends, sliding has been an incredibly popular addition to the Fortnite formula. Not only does allow players to quickly escape the closing circle, but it adds an extra layer of mobility to every gunfight.

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It can be pulled off any time a player is descending down a sloped surface, and it’s possible to generate some serious speed if you gather enough momentum. It’s yet another feature that makes Epic’s battle royale feel faster and more mobile than its peers.

Fortnite players have welcomed the mechanic with open arms, and for many, it’s hard to imagine the game without it. Fans will no doubt be eager for even more new features if they’re anywhere near as well-implemented as sliding has been.

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