Fortnite Chapter 3 players make wild event predictions after finding potential clue

Alec Mullins
The Foundation in Fortnite Chapter 3
Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 is well underway and players are beginning to speculate and make some wild predictions about future events. This one in particular is focused on a potential clue around the purpose of the Mighty Monument. 

Epic Games has a history of hiding Fortnite’s secrets in plain sight, and eagle-eyed members of the community are starting to catch onto the company’s strategy.

While there are a few competing ideas about what it could mean, some players are convinced that the gigantic statue of Dwayne Johnson’s character “The Foundation” could hold the key to a future in-game event.

Fortnite players discover potential event clue

A statue of The Foundation looking over the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Island
Epic Games
Fortnite’s map has completely changed again with Chapter 3.

The big discussion is centered around the Mighty Monument statue in the islands east of Sanctuary and whether or not it has a secret purpose.

One user suggests that the statue is secretly a robot, and will likely be activated to help in the fight against the villainous Imagined Order whenever they arrive on the map: “I’m calling it right here, this statue is going to turn into a robot during an event”

Another commenter backed this idea up, confirming that a look at the game’s files makes the theory completely plausible: “Considering the statue has an animation rig attached to it, it’s most definitely going to do something.”

While many are convinced that the big hunk of rock is holding some kind of secret, there’s no unanimous agreement about the details.

u/nikefromoce proposed the theory that the statue is the hilt of a weapon, similar to the Sword of Singularity from the Final Showdown event in Season 9: “Even look, the foundation is the grip and those 2 rocks on the side are like the things that appear on a sword.”

Whether either of these things actually comes to light remains to be seen, but the IO are drawing closer to the island so it might not be long before we get an answer.