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New Fortnite Season 3 ‘Dragon’ Shotgun leaked in latest patch

Published: 25/Jun/2020 3:42

by Brad Norton


Fortnite Season 3 could be set to introduce another shotgun to the loot pool as a brand-new dragon-themed weapon has slipped through the code cracks in the latest update.

Season 3 came boasting a few new weapons; from the Charge Shotgun to Kit’s Shockwave Launcher, players had plenty of new tools to get familiar with.

Since the latest update, even more pieces of equipment have been revealed, as the Fortnite community caught its first in-game look at Firefly Jars on June 23.

These new items don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon either, with yet another upcoming shotgun now revealed too.


While digging through the latest patch, prominent Fortnite dataminer ‘HYPEX’ stumbled upon a few lines of text detailing an all-new item, marked with a code string that read: “Shotgun_Break_Dragon_Athena_VR_Ore_T03.”

This new weapon is codenamed the ‘Dragon’ shotgun and appears to be available in both Epic and Legendary variants. Moreover, we already have an early outline of just how powerful it might be in-game.

It’s a unique shotgun in that one shot will lead to a reload. While the current Tactical and Charge shotguns allow players to fire multiple rounds, this upcoming weapon uses its entire clip all at once.


From up close you can expect the Legendary version of the new weapon to deal 140 damage to the body, 175 to the head, and 70 to any given structure. If you miss, your best option might be to swap weapons entirely. The Dragon shotgun requires over four seconds to reload.

Epic Games
While Fortnite’s third season dropped sharks into the map, this leaked weapon shifts the focus back to dragons.

There’s no telling exactly when this weapon may see the light of day in Season 3. In fact, there’s a chance it’s held off for quite a while. It “probably won’t come out for another 2-3 months,” according to HYPEX. No different to when the charge shotgun was leaked all the way “back in April.”


In the meantime, there’s still plenty to learn about the latest weapons in Season 3. Here’s our in-depth breakdown to help you master the Charge Shotgun in no time.