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How to master Fortnite Season 3’s Charge Shotgun

Published: 19/Jun/2020 12:38

by Connor Bennett


The Charge Shotgun is the newest weapon in Fortnite’s growing loot pool, but how do you get to grips with it? Here are a few tips on mastering it, the weapon’s damage stats, and how to find the Mythic version. 

Shotguns have always been a controversial weapon in Fortnite – be it the complaints about the overpowered Pump Shotgun, or the Tactical Shotgun. Though, there is an all-new shotgun that has been added to the mix in Chapter 2, Season 3.


The Charge Shotgun allows players to, as the name suggests, charge up their shots in order to deal more damage. As the weapon has been added as floor loot, players have been picking it up with regularity and trying to get to grips with how best to use it. Though, there are a few tips already. 

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Always charge up the Charge Shotgun

Though the Charge Shotgun can be used as a normal shotgun, pumping out shots in one burst, its most effective use comes when it is being charged up. When you hold down your aim button, the gun’s charge up meter will quickly tick up to full power. 


By unleashing a fully-powered shotgun at close range, players can deal around 120 damage. That is enough for a one-shot kill in the early game, as well as being able to take down a single wall. However, charging it up leaves you vulnerable and after shooting, there is a slight cooldown period. 

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Epic Games
The Charge Shotgun has a small indicator that shows it being charged up.

Charge Shotgun damage stats

As of writing, there are six variants of the Charge Shotguns in-game – all the way from Common to Mythic. 

Each variant deals damage differently and takes a different amount of time to reload –  with the Mythic, obviously, excelling in both categories. You can find a breakdown of their different stats below.


Rarity Damage (per pellet) Reload time (Seconds)
Common 8 5.5
Uncommon 8.5 5.3
Rare 8.9 5
Epic 9.3 4.8
Legendary 9.8 4.5
Mythic 10.2 4.3

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Where to find Fortnite’s Mythic Charge Shotgun

Like the mythic weapons from Chapter 2, Season 2, the legendary Charge Shotgun can be found by taking down an NPC boss. In this case, it comes from Kit who patrols Catty Corner. 

Just like fighting Midas or Skye, Kit will not hand over their shotgun easily and a difficult fight will ensue. You can beat the boss right away, but you need to corner them and have a weapon like the submachine gun handy. 

Epic Games
Kit has ahold of Fortnite’s Mythic Charge Shotgun.

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As Chapter 2, Season 3 unfolds, Epic Games could easily start making some changes to the different Charge Shotguns, so they could very well become something that nobody uses.


However, as for now, it’s a weapon that can to one-shot kills in the early game and become a significant damage dealer later on – softening up enemies for a kill. So, it is worth mastering.