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Fortnite players want Epic Games to copy Warzone sniping feature

Published: 23/Jun/2020 12:57

by Jacob Hale


Fortnite players have called for Epic Games to imitate a sniping feature prominent in Call of Duty battle royale title Warzone following the launch of Chapter 2, Season 3.

For many battle royale players, Fortnite was their first exposure to the genre, having to fight off 99 enemies to be granted a victory royale.

Since then, though, there has been a flurry of new battle royale games arrive on the scene, with the likes of Apex Legends and Warzone being some of the biggest competition to Fortnite’s claim to the top of the BR throne.

warzone sniper in ghillie suit
Warzone snipers are at a slight disadvantage compared to their Fortnite brethren.

That said, though, Fortnite has implemented a number of features that seem to be taken straight from its rivals, such as the reboot van which came to the game shortly after Apex Legends’ release, which has a similar feature with the respawn beacon.

Now, players are calling for Epic Games to take a feature from Warzone to make sniping a little harder – and countering snipers a lot more rewarding.

Fortnite player stormcaller_op has called for Epic Games to bring lens flares to the game, leaving snipers with a glint at the end of their barrel when aiming down sights.

Stormcaller says that a big argument against snipers in Fortnite is that you can simply be shot and eliminated out of nowhere, and they think that a sniper scope glint could be the perfect middle-ground.

Their argument is that this would help let players know when they can peek opponents, with the ability to play around the knowledge you gain if you see a glint facing your way while traversing the map.

Add lens flares when using snipers? from r/FortniteCompetitive

As one commenter suggests, a lens flare or glint provides a higher risk and reward for players on either side of the scope in Warzone, and this would ring true in Fortnite, too.

Whether or not this is something Epic Games looks at and takes interest in is another question, but for now, a lens glint doesn’t seem to be in the works in Fortnite.


New Fortnite NFL skins arriving before Season 5: Release date & time

Published: 23/Nov/2020 18:07

by Tanner Pierce


The National Football League and Epic Games have announced a continuation in their partnership, which is allowing for a slew of new NFL-themed skins in the mega-popular battle royale game Fortnite within the next few days. 

NFL skins in Fortnite are nothing new. Back in 2018, a slew of skins based on NFL football teams made their way into the game, much to the excitement of fans of the sport.

Unfortunately, while the skins returned to the Item Shop in early 2020 due to the Super Bowl, they never really gained notoriety, with the only exception being when Epic gave players a free refund for the skins after the Washington Football Team’s name and logo was changed a few months back.

Despite this, it seems like more NFL skins are on the way.

New NFL Fortnite skins

Epic Games/NFL
The new NFL skins will feature a redesigned look compared to their old versions.

The two mega companies have recently announced that they will be “extending” their partnership to allow for more NFL skins in Fortnite. According to a joint press release from both companies, the new skins will be completely redesigned from their previous looks and will have a “more athletic” and “aerodynamic look and feel”.

This new selection of skins will be called the Gridiron Gang Outfits and will represent all 32 NFL teams in both the AFC and NFC.

In addition to the newly redesigned skins, fans will also have a chance to get their hands on a brand new Back Bling for their NFL skins, named Logo-a-go-go. While the name’s a bit of a tongue-twister, these new items are basically just the logo for the team you want to represent stuck onto the back of your character.

Release Date and Time

According to the company, the skins and back bling will be added to the Fortnite Item Shop in just a few days, on November 25. Like every other item added to the in-game store, it should appear when the store gets updated that day.

Currently, the big unknown is how long the items will be in the shop for. Surely, they’ll only be available for a limited time, however, the exact time frame is unclear. It could be in their for as short as a day or maybe a bit longer.

Chances are though that Epic will give fans a few days to get their hands on it before pulling it from the store. Regardless, NFL fans should be ready to grab these items if they want it because with Fortnite, you never know when they’ll come back.