New Fortnite exotic weapons leaked: SMG and AR with special abilities

Epic Games

Reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX has revealed 2 brand new exotic weapons that might be coming to the game in the near future, the Run Gun SMG and the Freeze AR, as well as another possible scrapped exotic. Here’s what you need to know about them, including what they do.

A few weeks back, a slew of exotic weapons were leaked within Fortnite, including a ton of new SMGs, ARs, and others but at the time we didn’t know much about them.

Now, some time later, we have full details on one of the weapons that got leaked, as well as a brand new one we hadn’t heard about previously.

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Because they’re exotic, they all have special abilities that normal weapons don’t, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. Of course, these abilities also mean they’ll be highly sought after if you come across them in-game.

Epic Games
According to HYPEX, two new Exotic weapons could be coming to the game soon.

The first is the Run Gun SMG, which was previously leaked via datamining a few weeks back. While we didn’t know anything about them at the time, we now know via notable leaker HYPEX that it actually increases your character’s walking and running speeds.

HYPEX also points out that the model in-game for the Run Gun appears to be the currently vaulted Rapid Fire SMG, which was first introduced during Chapter 2: Season 2. It’s unknown whether or not this will change once the weapon becomes available in-game or if it’ll stick to this model.

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In addition, a new Freeze AR was also leaked, which apparently “gives chiller trap effect to other players.” The Chiller is a currently vaulted trap that adds ice blocks to affected players feet, which allows them to slip and slide around with very little control.

Beyond that, HYPEX also leaked something called the Slurp Bazooka. No description was given for this, other than the fact that it might be scrapped, but if the name is anything to go by, then it could act similar to the bandage bazooka, but instead of firing bandages, it fires Slurp Juices.

Unfortunately, the only footage available is for the Run Gun SMG.

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It’s also important to point out that there’s no release date for any of these weapons, meaning they could come out within a couple days or not at all, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up if one of these sounds interesting. Here’s hoping we learn more in the near future.