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Leak suggests Star Wars lightsabers might be coming to Fortnite

Published: 12/Dec/2019 17:52

by Jacob Hale


A leaker has shared details that they believe Fortnite Battle Royale players will be able to use lightsabers in an upcoming Star Wars Limited Time Mode ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s already been announced that there will be a Fortnite-exclusive premiere of the world-beating Disney franchise on December 14.

A never-before-seen scene from the film will be airing in Risky Reels, similar to previous collaborations such as for the release of Wreck-it Ralph.

Epic GamesPreparations have been made for Risky Reels to host a Star Wars viewing event on December 14.

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Now, prominent data-miner ShiinaBR has shared information that suggests a new Star Wars Limited Time Mode – or LTM – will allow players to get their hands on lightsabers as if straight from a galaxy far, far away.


A tweet from the leaking account on December 12 said: “There is a high chance that we’ll be able to play with lightsabers in the Star Wars LTM! These are 4 colors of the Star Wars “Lobster” weapons (probably file name for the lightsabers) that have been found in the files: Red, Green, Purple & Blue.”

These four colors are the ones most commonly employed by Jedi and Sith characters in the Star Wars universe, with players able to pick up one that resembles that of their favorite characters from the saga.

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This can’t be confirmed for sure until the lightsabers are added to the game, but there’s not even any confirmation yet that there will be a Star Wars-themed LTM at all.


It seems likely though, given the fact that so much effort is being poured into this collaboration. It closely mirrors the collaboration between Fortnite and Marvel for the release of Avengers: Endgame, which saw the Thanos LTM added along with the Mythic Infinity Gauntlet and many of the Avengers’ weapons.

Maybe there will be a similar LTM and Mythic item arrive in the game for the highly-anticipated Star Wars collaboration, but there have already been some additions such as the Stormtrooper skin, which was added in mid-November 2019.

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The December 14 launch date is fast-approaching, so players won’t have to wait long to find out if they’ll get to run around with lightsabers in Fortnite.