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Leaked Blizzard Blitzer weapon coming soon to Fortnite

Published: 12/Dec/2019 16:51

by Jacob Hale


A notorious Fortnite leaker has revealed what appears to be a new weapon coming to the game for the festive season named the Blizzard Blitzer.

The Winter season always brings some festive content to the battle royale title, be it weapon wraps, character skins or Christmas-themed loading screens. They do similar things for certain times of the year, such as at Halloween or Easter, but the Christmas period often seems to be the biggest.

Now, though, it appears they may be reintroducing a new holiday-themed weapon to the game, if the latest leaks are anything to go by.

Epic GamesFortnite has already got the 2019 festivities well underway.

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Well-known leaker HYPEX, who is always on top of the biggest news coming from Fortnite, shared on December 12 a couple of screenshots of the ‘Blizzard Blitzer’, which looks very much like a snow-themed rocket launcher.

Contrary to how it looks, however, the Blizzard Blitzer is actually an assault rifle, described as “a medium-range semi-automatic assault rifle that uses medium ammo to shoot snowballs.”

The Blizzard Blitzer appears to come in both Legendary and Epic variants, doing 82 and 92 damage to players respectively, making it an incredibly powerful weapon. HYPEX does explain, though, that “he can’t tell if it’s battle royale or Save The World but it looks like it’s BR.”


Twitter: HYPEXThe Blizzard Blitzer looks like an incredibly powerful weapon.

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If this weapon is in BR, it will be one of the most powerful weapons in the game, far better even than the Legendary and Epic standard Assault Rifle variants, which do 35 and 36 damage respectively.

Many are speculating that it looks to be a Christmas variant of the heavy assault rifle that was in the game at one point from Season 5 to when it was vaulted in October 2019 with patch 11.0.

However, the Blizzard Blitzer is semi-auto, whereas the heavy AR was fully automatic.

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We can’t confirm the Blizzard Blitzer to be a guaranteed weapon coming to Fortnite, be it battle royale or Save The World, but it seems very likely now with this leak.


With damage stats like that, you’ll want to make sure you get your hands on one as soon as possible.