Is Superman coming to Fortnite in Season 7? New teasers drop big hint

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superman fortnite
Epic Games

Epic Games are known for producing top-notch collaborations within Fortnite, and it appears they may be teasing a new one coming with the release of Season 7 tomorrow.

Fortnite Season 7 is set to premiere on June 8, 2021, and there has been a ton of content teased by Epic in the days leading up to the new season once again. This is how Epic builds up anticipation for any new season, and the teasers they have released thus far have been intriguing.

All signs, as of now, point to aliens coming to the Fortnite island, and it seems they are going to be bringing some new weapons for players to use in battle. But, a new teaser has also pointed to a possible collaboration they are intending on releasing with Season 7.

Season 7 teaser
Epic Games
All signs point towards these glasses being Clark Kent’s.

Superman’s glasses

By now, most of you have probably seen the few teaser videos Epic has released to give clues about some of the content that is to come with Season 7. From what we can tell, we are going to be getting at least two new weapons, a new consumable item, and weapon charms.

However, a new teaser that was posted on June 6 has fans questioning if Epic are trying to alert players of a potential Superman crossover happening within the new season’s battle pass. This is due to the fact that the pair of glasses in the middle of the teaser video looks fairly similar to glasses Clark Kent or Superman wears when he is out in public.

As well, the caption of the teaser reads “When placed onto the face this strange plastic device seemed to make us appear as unrecognizable”. This is the effect that Superman’s glasses have on ordinary citizens, as they are not able to see that he is Superman, even though they look identical minus the frames.

Adding Superman to the long-lasting line of characters from other genres into Fortnite would not be too much of a surprise to us. As the entire theme of the new season is aliens, and Superman does come from an extraterrestrial planet, so it makes sense in this regard.

However, we will have to wait and see if this speculation pans out to be true when Epic releases Season 7 on June 8, as we never truly know what is up their sleeves.

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