How to launch from a Corruption Vent in Fortnite Season 8

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A Sideways Zone in Fortnite
Epic Games

Players looking to complete Raven’s Punchcard questline in Fortnite Season 8 will need to launch from a Corruption Vent in The Sideways – but first, you’ll have to actually find one.

Two new NPCs have arrived on the Island in Week 4 of Fortnite Season 8: Raven and Nitehare. Both of these characters have their own Punchcard questline for players to complete, and a few of them require some prior knowledge.

One of Raven’s quests tasks you with launching from a Corruption Vent in The Sideways, but considering these new launchpad variants aren’t named or marked on the map in Fortnite, you might have trouble finding them.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult once you know what you’re looking for, so we’ve got a simple guide to finding a Corruption Vent to help you complete Raven’s Punchcard questline and earn 30,000 XP in no time.

Fortnite Corruption Vent
Epic Games
This is what the Corruption Vents look like in Fortnite Season 8.

Where to find a Corruption Vent in Fortnite

There are two ways to enter The Sideways in Fortnite, but for this specific Punchcard quest, you’ll need to find yourself a Sideways Zone. These are the big orange domes that cover a different POI in every match.

You can find Sideways Zones by looking at the map and seeing the symbol we’ve marked below.

A Sideways Zone on the Fortnite map
Epic Games
This orange dome is how you enter the Sideways Zone.

It doesn’t matter when you enter a Sideways Zone, but you’ll probably find it best to do this at the start of the match as there will be better loot options – and less chance of the Storm closing and blocking it off.

Inside the Sideways Zone, you’ll need to look around for a glowing orange circle on the ground – this is a Corruption Vent!

How to launch from a Corruption Vent in Fortnite

Once you’ve found a Corruption Vent, launching yourself from it is as simple as walking on top of it. You’ll be flung into the air in whichever direction you approached the vent, but you won’t take any fall damage.

Remember that dangerous Cube Monsters roam The Sideways, so keep on your guard and if you don’t have any weapons, make a quick getaway once you’ve completed Raven’s Corruption Vent quest.

That’s everything you need to know about Corruption Vents in Fortnite! For more tips and guides like this one, check out our Fortnite home page.

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