How to Find the Secret Fortnite Battle Pass Star for Week 4, Season 5 Road Trip Challenge

A hidden battle star is available to find on the Fortnite Battle Royale map to find for week 4, as part of the Road Trip Challenge set in Season 5.

Just like the Blockbuster challenges in season 4, Road Trip Challenges will unlock a new loading screen each week, and clues to the location of the star are hidden within.

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Week 4’s loading screen actually leaked along with week 3’s, but the star itself won’t become available to find on the map until you have completed all of the week 4 challenges.

And the Road Trip Challenge will not only help you scale the battle pass ranks faster, but also has a secret skin to unlock at the end of seven weeks (provided you complete all the challenges each week).

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The Week 4 loading screen is a crazy party scene at the pool in the new ‘Lazy Links’ location on the Season 5 map, but the clue to the star’s location is in plain sight.

The star is slotted between a camel and plastic drinks cup, which is an obvious clue to head over to the bend in the road between Paradise Palms and Lucky landing:

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But, remember – the star will only appear on the map after you have completed the week 4 weekly challenges, and unlocked the new loading screen.

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There are another seven weekly challenges for week 4, three for all users and four exclusively for battle pass owners – see them here.

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