Best and Most Efficient Structures to Get Resources From in Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan

Building has always been one of the most integral and prominent aspects of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Most good players will have at least a proficient grasp of building techniques, which they will often use to gain an advantage over enemy players during gunfights.

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However, in order to freely build in Fortnite, one must first farm for the three main resources required: wood, stone, and metal. 

These materials can be obtained by using a pickaxe to break any of the numerous objects and structures found throughout the map, all of which give a certain amount of resources.

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Reddit user ‘SaltySnailComics‘ has compiled a list of the best and most efficient structures to destroy for the purposes of collecting resources.

His graphic lists the top three objects to farm from for wood, stone, and metal, based on the amount of materials they give out per hit, their overall health points, and the total materials they yield.

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Based on the list, the best and most efficient structures to destroy are pallets for wood, desert rock pilings for stone, and chain link fences for metal.

This information will be worth keeping around for reference next time you load into a match in Fortnite, in order to obtain materials as fast as possible and jump into gunfights with confidence.