How to defeat Midas in Fortnitemares & get Shadow Mythic Drum Gun

David Purcell
Midas Fortnite

Epic Games have brought back Midas in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, as part of their Halloween Fortnitemares event. Here’s how to defeat the NPC and in return, grab his new mythic weapon as well. 

The mysterious character was first added much earlier in the Chapter, along with a number of other agents for Season 2 – but soon broke off and his presence in the world was shrouded in mystery.

Now, is there a better time than Halloween for mysteries to be answered and darkness to come out of the shadows? Absolutely not.

On October 21, the game’s developers rolled out patch 14.40, where his return was confirmed. Now that he can be seen on the map, let’s run through some simple ways on how to defeat him.

Midas POI fortnite
Midas’ presence in the Fortnite world was reaffirmed with the Fortnitemares patch.

How to defeat Shadow Midas in Fortnitemares

One of the most important things you need to know when looking to take down Midas is that he will have a much greater HP bar than you, so picking your moments is very important. There’s no doubt about it.

Then, you need to know where to find him. The Ruins location, previously called The Agency, is the middle POI on the map. There, he can be found.

  1. Load into Fortnite Battle Royale. 
  2. Dive out of the Battle Bus, and land at The Ruins.
  3. From there, make sure you’re on top of the building to begin with.
  4. Loot up around you, grabbing weapons and shields.
  5. Break through layers of the building until you’re directly over Midas.
  6. Using cover, take a few shots at Midas until he is knocked.
  7. Eliminate him and take Shadow Midas’ Mythic Drug Gun!

The Ruins location in Fortnite

If you’re wondering where The Ruins is located on the Fortnite island, the screenshot below should help you out.

It’s smack-bang in the middle, so expect to see a lot of people land there when you try to take out the character.

The Ruins Fortnite
Here’s how it looks in-game.

Shadow Midas Mythic Drum Gun

You won’t miss the weapon when you have taken out the location boss, though it’s worth showing what you are fighting for.

Ali-A YouTube Midas gun
This is how the Shadow Midas Drum Gun looks in Fortnite.

The weapon – with it being a Drum Gun – is one of the fastest to use in-game.

It can shred through enemies in seconds in the right hands, meaning defeating Midas could be the difference between a decent placement and a Victory Royale.

So, there you have it! That’s how to defeat Midas during the Fortnitemares event and what his new Shadow Mythic weapon looks like. Good luck!