Midas is still on Fortnite’s island, but there’s a catch

Josh Taylor
Fortnite Shade Midas NPC character on the island.

If you’re wondering where Midas is in Fortnite, then look no further, Shade Midas can still be found on the island as an NPC in your matches, but not where you would expect.

Fortnite unleashed another mid-season update with Avatar’s Korra finally being added to the game, complete with her own Waterbending Mythic, Quests as well as various skins and cosmetics.

However, this has removed all things Midas from Fortnite, including his NPC, Floor is Lava LTM, Midas’ Drum Gun Mythic weapon, and more. Well, that’s what everyone thought.

You can still find Midas in Fortnite. His Shade Midas NPC can now be found at the small spawn island that you wait on as it counts down to the start of your Battle Royale matches.

One player was shocked to discover him at the start of their match, “Wtf is Midas doing on spawn island,” they stated alongside a screenshot of them standing next to the Midas NPC in their shiny new Korra skin.

As shown in the image, when you interact with him he will reply with a typical witty remark: “Hades thought he could keep me trapped. He would have been the first.” In response to his message, a player replied to the post: “Tough talk from someone who’s trapped on the spawn island.”

“That’s where he took his boat obviously,” one said in regards to him no longer spawning on the Marigold Yacht. As another suspected: “I think he’s awaiting Brutus’ arrival as Brutus is prepping the boat.”

To find Midas in Fortnite, just head to the beach on the spawn island as you wait for your Battle Royale match to begin. His Shade Midas NPC character will be walking around the beach near the steps.

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