Fortnite’s “worst” quest ever in Chapter 5 Season 3 frustrates players

Michelle Cornelia
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Fortnite players have dubbed one Chapter 5, Season 3’s quest the “worst ever” as a number of factors prevent an easy finish, though there are a few workarounds to complete it.

Leveling up your Battle Pass in Fortnite can feel quite grindy at times given that XP has now been nerfed, especially if you only stick to playing one mode.

While completing the various quests that are often added to the game helps speed things up, some of them are far more time-consuming than others.

Last season, players were fed up with campers ruining Oracle’s Snapshot Quests. This time, players have voiced their complaints in a Reddit thread over the Magneto Power quest, dubbing it the “worst quest ever.”

A Fortnite player using the Magneto Power quantlets to travel across the map.
Fortnite players are fed up with the Magneto Power quest in Chapter 5, Season 3.

The quest itself requires players to block hits 200 times using the Magneto Power as a shield. That said, not only is it a rare drop, but the only guaranteed way to get it is by purchasing it from an NPC, which can be swarmed by a lot of players in the beginning.

Getting your hands on it is only half the battle though. As one player mentioned, “sweats don’t help either.”

“I tried to help someone just before posting this. They had the shield, I unloaded all my bullets then used my pickaxe to get their quest done. When it was my turn, they dropped the gauntlets and then a superhero skin crashed the party and nitro-fisted me into space,” they added.

“Literally all these quests are a**,” commented a different user, while another pointed out that having to block 200 hits with it is “absurd.” Thankfully, there are a few workarounds for this quest.

Some players suggested playing with teammates, as blocking friendly fire also works. Farming hits with NPC is also a viable strategy. On the other hand, those who play Solo can try their luck using a friendly emote, like the hugging one, to signal to an enemy you need help with the quest.

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