Fortnite Yoda backbling disabled after whole squads impacted by crash bug

Brianna Reeves
fortnite yoda backbling

Due to a strange crashing issue, Fortnite developers have disabled the Yoda backbling added in the latest Star Wars update.

New Star Wars content hit Fortnite on May 3, with one addition including the Item Shop’s Dagobah Luke Bundle. For 1,800 V-Bucks, the Luke Skywalker-centric bundle offers access to the Dagobah Luke outfit, its LEGO style, a Yoda backbling, and Yoda’s Cane as a pickaxe.

Players who equipped the Yoda backbling started encountering game-breaking issues not long after the update’s launch, though.

Fortnite content creator and leaker iFireMonkey recently shared footage of a glitch that occurred when users performed the Zoidberg Scuttle emote with Yoda’s backbling equipped. A graphical bug distorts Yoda’s face, and soon thereafter causes the player’s game to crash.

On some occasions, the problem isn’t even exclusive to the person who purchased the backbling. Others in a Fortnite player’s squad may also experience a crash if their teammate encounters the error.

As a result of this, Epic Games vaulted Fortnite’s Yoda backbling late on May 7, according to a follow-up post by iFireMonkey. How long the content will remain disabled is not yet known.

It’s also not known how widespread the issue became before the development team took action. After all, it appears the glitch only affected those with access to both the Zoidberg Scuttle emote and Yoda. (The Zoidberg emote hit the Item Shop during July 2023’s Futurama event and cost 500 V-Bucks.)

At the very least, the rest of Fortnite’s Star Wars content is still going strong. The update added Blasters and Chewbacca’s weapon to battle royale, for example, along with a Darth Vader boss that players can defeat to win his Lightsaber.