Fortnite Whirlpools disabled again due to new Season 3 “God Mode” glitch

Andrew Amos
Fortnite Whirlpools in Season 3

Whirlpools are proving to be tricky business in Fortnite Season 3. First they were disappearing. Now they are giving players God Mode, forcing Epic to disable them for the time being.

Whirlpools are one of the new methods of transport in Fortnite Season 3. With the map inundated with water, the torrents have provided a handy way to jump across from island to island.

However, they haven’t been without their issues. Last week, Whirlpools turned invisible ⁠— leading to jokes about Epic disabling them with no reason.

Now, there’s a very good reason to disable them. A new “God Mode” exploit has been found involving Whirlpools which players have been abusing, forcing Epic to once again take them off the map.

“Due to an issue, we’re temporarily disabling Whirlpools in all playlists,” the devs said on July 9.

It’s unclear how the Whirlpool God Mode glitch occurred. However, it could be similar to a glitch late last week uncovered by Aussie YouTuber Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott.

LazarBeam didn’t share his secrets ⁠— so as to not let people abuse it. However, players caught on. Through a mix of Whirlpools and Secret Passages, players were able to get God Mode. While they couldn’t use weapons, when you are invisible and invincible, a pickaxe is enough to win.

It’s not the only God Mode glitch that has forced Epic to change their course in Fortnite Season 3. Secret Passages alone were enough to get the exploit, which forced Epic to disable the portaloos for a day.

Fortnite Whirlpool at Fortilla POI
Whirlpools are disabled again in Fortnite.

If you have a “Use a Whirlpool” challenge awaiting you to complete your Season 3 battle pass missions, you’ll need to hang tight. Epic hasn’t stated whether they’ll be awarding free XP to players ⁠— like they did with the Floating Rings glitch at Pleasant Park.

Also, if you’ve been abusing the Whirlpool God Mode glitch before it was disabled, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Epic hasn’t feared to swing the ban hammer before for players abusing exploits. If another similar glitch pops up this season, it might be best to stay away, especially if you want to keep your account.

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