LazarBeam hilariously exposes Fortnite’s God Mode exploits

Connor Bennett

Australian Fortnite YouTuber Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott showed that the annoying invisibility and god mode exploits can actually provide some entertainment – if you don’t use them to win. 

LazarBeam has cultivated a huge fan base on YouTube thanks to his hilarious Fortnite experiments. In the past, he has run his PC into the ground by spawning hundreds upon hundreds of bots and even won a game without moving or dealing damage to an enemy player.

Yet, in his newest video, the Aussie Fortnite content creator decided to up the ante – using the invisibility and invincibility exploits that are currently in the battle royale to hand out wins to other players. Yes, he didn’t use them to win, but to have a bit of fun instead.

Annoying exploits and glitches are still prevalent in Fortnite.

For the benefit of everyone else, the YouTuber didn’t actually show how you pull off the exploits but instead, just revealed that he was using them – noting that his health was actually at zero and that he couldn’t use weapons.

As he sprinted around the map, players tried to gun him down but ultimately failed – leaving LazarBeam in hysterics. On his first attempt, the exploit didn’t work all that long – allowing him to die.

Though, he dove back in and decided to use it again. Players flocked to him, confused by his inability to take damage. However, as soon as he dove into water, his enemies could actually take him down.

The YouTuber upped the ante even further by going invisible – trolling players with slight hits of his pickaxe and destroying their 1×1 buildings before they could put any roots down.

Yet, he stayed true to his word and dove into the storm – taking one hit of zone damage and handing the win to the final time. 

Obviously, he asked Epic not to ban him as he was only having a bit of fun but his video shows that anybody can get their hands on the exploits if they try. We’ll just have to wait and see if Epic decides to patch them in the near future.