Fortnite devs address new “God Mode” Secret Passage exploit

Brad Norton
Fortnite Secret Passage

[jwplayer dDOO1bSy]Fortnite’s Secret Passages have come under fire in Season 3, forcing Epic to respond to an absurd “God Mode” invulnerability issue in the Battle Royale.

Secret Passages have been a solid means of traversal in Fortnite since their introduction in Season 2 of Chapter 2. When entering certain port-a-potties or even dumpsters, players can launch themselves through to other sections of the map.

If you can’t find a vehicle and walking will just take too long, they’re a great alternative. However, they can come with their downsides. Enemies may anticipate the common exit-points and set traps for you. At least, that’s how things are supposed to unfold. Lately, a game-breaking issue has been putting a stop to that.

When leaving a Secret Passage in the latest version of Fortnite, players have been granted the power of invincibility. Whether it’s damage from weapons or damage from the storm, all of it has been ignored thanks to this exploit. 

After a few hours of the issue impacting games across all platforms, Epic stepped in with a temporary measure. “Due to an issue, we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to travel with secret passages,” the Fortnite Status account shared on July 8.

This means that Secret Passages around the map will no longer be accessible in the same way as before. While you can still use them as hiding spots, you’ll no longer be able to travel through them. Waiting at the exit for enemies to filter through will simply be a waste of your time until a proper fix is deployed.

Becoming immortal in Fortnite is nothing new, though this appears to be the first time that such an issue stems from the Secret Passages. There’s no telling just what caused them to behave in this way, but it was clearly ruining the Battle Royale experience before being disabled.

Players were left stumped by competition that simply wouldn’t die. No matter how many shots they were hit with, it was never enough due to the glitch. A viable strategy could have been to just sit in the storm while all other players died.

However, it quickly became more and more popular. Before long, entire teams were exploiting Secret Passages and tarnishing the state of any given match.

Fortnite Secret Passage hiding spot
Secret Passages can be still be used as hiding spots until a fix is deployed.

Developers are yet to explain how they plan on fixing the issue, though it’s likely the means of traversal will be back soon. “We’ll provide an update when the issue is resolved,” the July 8 post concluded.

In the meantime, all-new vehicles are set to shake up the state of Fortnite in the near future. Even if Secret Passages are back up and running, you may still opt for one of six new cars instead.

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