Fortnite update v7.20 – release date revealed and Drift Board expected

David Purcell

The date for the next Fortnite patch has reportedly been revealed by the game’s executive producer, during discussions with FaZe Clan’s Cizzorz. 

Multiple sources suggest that the pair have been discussing the upcoming v7.20 update to the battle royale game, and it’s expected to drop between January 15 and January 16. 

With so many different bugs in the game right now – whether it’s gameplay issues, like those affecting X-4 Stormwing planes or Fortnite bugs affecting some skins in the game – it will be interesting to see what Epic Games changes in this next patch. 

It is understood that any exchange between the pair is likely to have been about Fortnite’s new Creative mode. Reason being, Cizzorz is the creator of some very popular maps and it’s likely that he would have been expressing his concerns about the game mode as it is right now. 

The popular Twitch streamer revealed his latest creation, DeathRun 2.0 on January 12, along with a full run through of all 14 levels included in his new obstacle course.

DeathRun 2.0, the latest obstacle course from FaZe Cizzorz made in Fortnite Creative.

The contents of the new v7.20 patch has not yet been revealed by Epic Games and the confirmation of its rival has not been officially confirmed, but many players will be expecting a number of quality of life improvements, bug fixes and potentially even a new item. 

Epic Games has not only teased the arrival of Driftboards on Fortnite in the past, but the developer intended to include the new feature in the December 18 v7.10 update but decided to delay their introduction. Will they be included this time?