This infuriating Stormwing Plane bug is still plaguing Fortnite players

. 3 years ago

Fortnite’s X-4 Stormwing has had its issues since being added to the game in Season 7, but when will Epic Games fix its latest bug?

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Players have been experiencing issues as they look to redeploy from the attack planes and the issue  may cost players many Victory Royales in the future – if nothing is done about it. 

The bug prevents players from jumping out of the Stormwings in a safe way, which would usually be to redeploy their glider and fall to the floor to continue the game. Instead, the bug is causing pilots to exit the plane and fall to their death. 

Epic Games
Players are experiencing even more issues with the X-4 Stormwing plane on Fortnite.
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For all of their faults, the Stormwings can create some incredible dogfight moments on Fortnite and that’s exactly what a player was looking for in the clip below. 

Streamer SKLZ_Dyldude quickly tries to exit the attack plane to prevent taking damage from any shots and pull the glider to maneuver himself to safety. 

However, once he realizes that things aren’t quite going to plan because of a redeploy bug, it’s fair to say that the player loses his cool in this hilarious clip. 

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This is not the only issue that Fortnite fans have highlighted of late, though, with many angry players bewildered about a change made to the Deadfire skin – potentially because of a bug. With it no longer changing color, some fans have been calling for a refund. 

“This should really be addressed by now” Mayo-over-miracle posted to Reddit. “I paid money for a product. And, suddenly the product is altered making it way worse. Bug or not, fix it or refund my money Epic.”

There has been no official word from Epic Games on either of these bugs so far. Will they be resolved in the next update?

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