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These Fortnite trap concepts are exactly what Ninja is looking for

Published: 12/Jan/2019 14:43 Updated: 12/Jan/2019 14:49

by David Purcell


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has been talking about his desire to see new traps introduced to Fortnite and some of these concepts might be exactly what he’s looking for. 

Four new exciting trap concept designs have been posted to the Fortnite subreddit and they all offer an innovative twist to those which are already offered in the battle royale game. 


Many Reddit users have been reacting to the post, with some proving to be more popular than others. They include a Decoy Chest, Flame Grill Trap, Goop Trap and an Electro Trap. 

The creator of these concepts, Maxwell755, also provided a brief description with each of them in his post, giving us an idea as to how each of them would work in the game. 


Firstly, the Decoy Trap – as you would expect from the name – would appear to be a normal chest for those who don’t know it’s a decoy, however, when opened they explode and give tricked players 70 damage. 

The second, a Flame Grill Trap, would burn all enemies who step on top of it and cause one damage for every second stepped on it for a limited time. 


Maxwell755, RedditFour trap concepts, posted to the Fortnite BR subreddit.

The other two traps, which are called the Goop Trap and Electro Trap, work on the same basis as the traps already included in the game. 


They require a player to step on top of them, much like a Spike Trap, with the first making the victim easier to be found, by covering players in bright slime and causing them to have loud squishy footsteps. 

“The goop trap actually sounds like a really good idea! Doesn’t really seem OP to me and it would be a neat addition to Fortnite” one user commented. 


Spike Trap, one of the traps included in Fortnite right now.

The Electro Trap, though, would slowly drain away your shield by zapping them with electricity for a period of time. It wouldn’t impact normal health. 

“None are good in my opinion” another user said. “Only noobs will fall for a decoy chest. It would have to be in a chest spawn location or it will look out of place, and if it’s a different tint it’s going to be really obvious. Can’t see people going out of their way to setup a decoy chest for a potential 70 damage.”