Fortnite leak reveals surprising Chris Hemsworth crossover in the works

Chris Hemsworth Fortnite ExtractionEpic Games, Netflix

A fresh Fortnite leak has suggested that Australian superstar Chris Hemsworth is coming to Fortnite. However, not in a way fans might expect. 

The latest season of Fortnite concludes in September, but there have been plenty of brilliant surprises along the way. DC Comics have introduced heroes and villains alike, spanning over 70 years of comic book history.

The Rift Tour has allowed players across the world to experience interactive concerts. Events and challenges have and continue to arrive in spades. 

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Epic Games’ eye for collaboration continues to be unpredictable and it seems they’ve got another one up their sleeve.

Fortnite Ariana Grande concertEpic Games
Ariana Grande was the newest crossover, but won’t be the last.

Chris Hemsworth in Fortnite?

Extraction, released in 2020 via Netflix, is the directorial debut of Sam Hargrave. Having cut his teeth as a stunt coordinator with Marvel films, Extraction became his first solo project. The actioner also starred Marvel icon Chris Hemsworth in the lead role. While his Thor character has come to the battle royale, it is Extraction that is looking likely to be next.

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Fortnite leaker Shiina shared a currently unreleased skin model that was acquired via datamining. Titled “Dusty”, the skin was thought to be part of the ongoing promotional event for Free Guy.

However, it didn’t take long for fans to realize that it didn’t quite fit with Free Guy, but rather seemed to come from the Netflix-backed movie.

Plenty were quick to spot small details on the skin that reflected Hemsworth’s role in Extraction, even if they weren’t expecting such a crossover.

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As always with these collaborations, Epic Games C.C.O Donald Mustard seemingly hinted this partnership was in the works a while back. Fans have been keeping an eye on Mustard since his video posts became a point of interest for potential content teases

The current Season of Fortnite finishes in September and who knows what will happen next.

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