Fortnite quiz: 10 questions to test your Season 5 knowledge

Daniel Megarry
Fortnite Season 5 Quiz

Epic Games’ hit battle royale, Fortnite, remains one of the most popular games in the world, with millions regularly visiting The Island. Season 5 has certainly been a memorable experience for fans, but how well do you know the game since its last major update?

After an epic Marvel-themed season that redefined what a crossover between massive pop culture franchises and the world of gaming can look like, Season 5 had big boots to fill when it dropped – but it managed to meet our expectations and then some.

Kicking off with an appearance from Star Wars characters The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, the season continued its ‘bounty hunter’ theme with God of War’s Kratos and Halo’s Master Chief, and surprised everyone with The Walking Dead characters.

It’s not just skins that got people talking, as The Island also got an overhaul with new Points of Interest like Salty Towers and the jungle-themed Stealthy Stronghold, which turned out to be a landing spot for iconic movie villain The Predator.

As players slowly begin to turn their attention to Season 6 of Forntite, which is expected to debut in March, we’re here to test your knowledge about everything Season 5, from weapons to landmarks and beyond.

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Fans are expecting Season 5 of Fortnite to come to an end on March 15, 2021, as that’s when the current Battle Pass is slated to expire. Epic sometimes extends these dates, though, if there are more updates to work on.

While we don’t know much about Season 6, players have been speculating about what it will entail, including a potential ‘darkness’ theme and the appearance of a long-running mystery object that could spell trouble for The Island.

YouTuber and Fortnite superfan Ali-A has a pretty convincing theory that Kevin the Cube will make a return for Season 6. The Cube is a mysterious object that first appeared in Fortnite in 2018 and caused mayhem as it destroyed parts of the map.

We’ll keep you updated on any new announcements, rumors, and leaks over on our dedicated Fortnite hub.

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