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Fortnite Season 3 Device event may hint at The Visitor’s return

Published: 5/Jun/2020 12:13

by Joe Craven


A new theory has emerged in the Fortnite community, stating that the Visitor may be set to return as part of Fortnite Chapter Two’s upcoming third season. 

Fortnite Season 3 has now been delayed multiple times. Firstly because of issues at Epic Games, and then because of the equality protests sweeping across much of the United States. However, barring any further delays, it looks set for a June 17 start date. 

This second delay also pushed the mysterious Device live event back to June 15, allowing fans more time to speculate what will happen. Leaks so far suggest the whole map will be flooded, but details remain scarce. One new theory has emerged, suggesting that The Visitor – from Chapter One, Season 4 – could be about to make another appearance.


Epic Games
The map might be about to be flooded.

In Bunker Jonesy’s Season 9 drawing, fans can just about make out an island with palm trees, something we can now identify as a hint to Chapter Two. One Redditor – u/Racoco802 – has speculated that there’s also an image of a dam collapsing.

The only dam that we’ve seen in Fortnite is Hydro Dam, on the outskirts of Misty Meadows. The Redditor also pointed to old excerpts from The Visitor’s recordings, which refer to “triggering the device”.

It has been widely taken that the devices being referenced were Rift Beacons from Season X but, with so much emphasis being placed on the ‘Device Event’, they may have been another hint at Chapter 2’s narrative, much like Bunker Jonesy’s drawings.


My theory abt those The Visitor “leaked” things from r/FortNiteBR

The Redditor concludes: “My theory is that during the event The Visitor/The Scientist will open a rift above Hydro 16 Dam and come to our map.”

As far as theories go, this is one of the more believable ones we’ve seen. The map certainly looks to be flooded in some way, but could it all be at the hands of The Visitor?

Only time will tell, but past events have proved how much Epic like to drop hints and teasers to mess with Fortnite’s fan-base.