Fortnite Season 1 players want beloved Spider-Man feature to stay permanently

An image of Spider-Man within Fortnite.Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 introduced Spider Man’s Web-Shooter as a Mythic item and players devised a way to keep them in the game permanently.

Epic Games gave players a unique way to traverse the island in the latest Season 1 content patch. With Spider-Man’s web-slingers, players found themselves overcoming the traditional Fortnite build-meta in style which made for a fun time.

The community is pleading with Epic to keep the beloved item in the game far past Chapter 3 Season 1.

“Reskin the spiderman web-shooters to one of those sticky hand toys at the end of this season, so we can still have a fun mobility item that won’t have copyright issues,” user ‘Yessir-Im-A-Pie’ said.

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It’s unknown what Epic Games have planned for Fortnite C3 Season 2 but players can count on the studio rotating out these kinds of items to keep the game fresh.

That’s why Fortnite players put a creative ‘reskin’ on the Web-Shooters by transforming them into a sticky hand toy that could give the item a permanent life in the battle royale.

Making them a generic item would give Spider-Man’s webs, or any past Mythic weapon, an avenue to skirt any possible copyright infringements past its collaboration date.

fortnite mythic weapons iron man wolverineEpic Games
Players want a way to keep Spider-Man’s Web Shooter in Fortnite in a way that could benefit all Mythic items.

Other than the cosmetic change, nothing much would have to be retooled for the essence of the item to stay intact. That’s because players are beside themselves with how much of an impact the Web-Shooters made in the short time they’ve been in Fortnite.

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“They have to stay,” one person said. “It’s too good to be removed from the game. With the sliding and this, you feel so free in terms of movement.

“This evolved the game for the better and it’s not [over powered] at all. They could even do ropes or something.”