Fortnite players call out reload glitch that makes guns feel “awful”

Brianna Reeves
fortnite reload glitch

Fortnite players claim a reload glitch in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is currently making every gun in the game feel “awful.”

Epic Games deployed Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 2 update on March 8, unleashing several new NPCs, Points of Interest, and a few gameplay mechanics.

As is the case with every seasonal update, the Season 2 release also dropped new weapons on the Island. The latest additions include everything from Zeus’ Thunderbolt and the Chains of Hades to previously unseen SMGs and sniper rifles.

Unfortunately, it seems Fortnite’s most recent also brought along a bug impacting each gun’s reload system.

Fortnite user draws attention to “awful” gun reload glitch

In a Reddit post, a Fortnite player informed fellow fans of a reload bug currently affecting the game’s various guns. A gameplay video uploaded by the user demonstrates the issue, which boils down to the animation and actual reload functionality being out of sync.

The Redditor explained, “In the video, you can fire before the bullet count changes, and before the hud element is complete. Actual reload timing (when you can first fire) and the animation are completely out of sync. The animation is longer than the actual reload on most weapons…”

Problems with this particular reload glitch don’t stop there, according to the Fortnite player. They also identified an issue wherein weapons equipped with an extended mag “are never fully loaded after being picked up.” Apparently, this error has plagued their experience since Chapter 5 Season 1.

In response to someone wondering if this glitch may be a product of the Speed Mag weapon mod, the original poster claimed it isn’t. “All guns feel bad.”

Others quickly chimed in to agree, saying they, too, have noticed reloading hiccups in recent play sessions. “I noticed this too. Some guns are completely empty off spawn and need to be reloaded,” wrote one Fortnite user in the thread.

Another person described their troubles with the reload glitch: “Yeah, I’ve noticed this a couple times where I’d sprint right after an animation finished, only to be immediately forced to reload again.”

As of now, Fortnite players can only hope developers take notice of the bug and issue a fix sometime soon.

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