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Fortnite players are dropping loot to have honorable Star Wars duels

Published: 17/Dec/2019 5:37

by Brad Norton


Fortnite players around the world are honoring the latest crossover event by dropping all of their loot and duking it out with lightsabers only, in true Star Wars fashion.

Fortnite has served up an assortment of remarkable crossover events throughout 2019 and the Epic Games battle royale phenomenon is rounding out the year with a takeover of galactic proportions. As Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams kicked off the crossover event on December 15 by premiering an exclusive clip, an assortment of new content was added including lightsabers.

Having quickly grown accustomed to the new melee weapon, Fortnite fans have since set out a gentleman’s agreement and started to honor Star Wars tradition when a match winds down to just two remaining competitors.


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Regardless of whether players have acquired the most devastating loadout with a number of Legendary items, and no matter how much of an advantage one individual may have over their last remaining foe, competitors have started to drop everything in order to honor the crossover.

Rather than determining a winner the old fashioned way and firing at one another from within the circle, rivals are now equipping the lightsaber and elegantly slashing away until only one remains standing.

As exemplified in an amusing highlight from Reddit user ‘Perdite,’ once the final foe spots you out in the open with a lightsaber in hand, all bets are off and an authentic Star Wars battle must commence.


Dropping all of his items to the ground below, the last remaining enemy in Perdite’s lobby soon followed suit and the two were swiftly in a duel of the fates. Both with Kylo Ren’s custom crossguard lightsaber equipped, eventually one was struck down and a victory royale was achieved in true style.

He gave up the highground. Bless you honorable Jedi from FortNiteBR

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Further underscoring just how the Star Wars crossover is bringing Fortnite players together in new ways, Reddit user ‘williambash’ recently showcased a similar occurrence towards the end of a match.

With only two players remaining and the circle shrinking around them, both players decided to drop their most powerful weapons and engage in combat with their lightsabers at the ready. 


This particular battle came to an end in stunning slow-motion as williambash was slain by the evil foe wielding none other than an ominous red lightsaber. 

I love that this crossover event can create the most honourable victories and losses in the final circle… from FortNiteBR

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While many players are enjoying the festivities and celebrating their passion for the Star Wars franchise in-game, it’s evident that not all share a similar mindset. 

For instance, Twitch star Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney recently explained why he’s not over the moon in regards to the game’s latest additions, and it’s clear the popular streamer probably won’t be partaking in a lightsaber duel anytime soon.