Fortnite leaks claim John Cena Suicide Squad collab is coming soon

Sam Comrie
Epic Games, DC Comics

Fortnite might be wrapping up Chapter 2, season 7 this September, but there are still plenty of surprises left in store. DC Comics are seemingly getting ready to bring John Cena himself into the fold.

Introducing key Justice League characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman has been paid off in spades for Fortnite. Allowing players to live out their wildest dreams, the creative side of Epic Games’ battle royale is truly alive.

It isn’t just heroes too that are joining the fun, either. DC Comics villains such as Bloodsport, Deathstroke, and Harley Quinn have had their fill of Fortnite antics. 

There are surprises always around the corner with Fortnite. Now, fans might just be in store for another character drop. 

Bloodsport and Superma skins in Fortnite
Epic Games/DC Comics
DC heroes and villains are populating the island.

Peacemaker Fortnite skin in the works

The Suicide Squad was released in cinemas in late July. Unleashing a host of anti-heroes in their cinematic debut, among them was John Cena’s Peacemaker. Portrayed as a goofy, disillusioned figure hell-bent on bringing peace at lethal costs, the character was a hit with fans and newcomers alike. 

With the inclusion of Bloodsport and Harley Quinn already in Fortnite, it makes sense that Cena’s presence and his character would finally be seen on the island. 

Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR caught wind of the leak, tying it to the upcoming Peacemaker HBO Max show. Due to release in January 2022, the show’s debut will likely mean Warner Bros are ready for another Fortnite crossover. 

Players have reacted in the best comical way possible to John Cena’s inclusion. Despite their inability to “see” John Cena, their enthusiasm for him arriving in-game hasn’t been deterred.

Through Cena’s wrestling career, his phrase “you can’t see me” has garnered legendary status as a way to taunt his opponents and has become a running joke online

“Huh? Why would you post this with no image LMFAO,” one player said in response to Cena’s seemingly absent presence. 

With attributes like this, we’re sure John Cena’s Peacemaker will prove to be a visibly difficult rival to defeat. Bring it on.