Is Wonder Woman coming to Fortnite? Fans uncover hints

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Fortnite fans might just have discovered the next character boarding the Battle Bus. Could DC’s strongest Amazonian drop in for a fight? 

DC Comics are responsible for publishing the stories of arguably the world’s most iconic superheroes. Issue #27 back in May 1939, saw the debut of the caped crusader himself: Batman. Action Comics #1 gave the world the last son of Krypton: Superman. The list is endless, as the pioneering comics company has pleased fans for over 70 years. 

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Finding success in the last few years in the DC Extended Universe, Warner Brothers have collaborated with DC to bring fans a visual splendour of comic wonders. Among those projects was Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman.

Portrayed by breakout star Gal Gadot cinematically, the courageous Amazonian could now be making their Fortnite debut. Fans of the character seem to have uncovered hints that could lead to a very interesting path ahead. 

Fortnite SupermanEpic Games
Fortnite has already built up a library of iconic superheroes.

Will Wonder Woman come to Fortnite?

Over the last few months, we’ve seen legacy characters such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman and The Flash make appearances in the zany world of Fortnite. Bringing across recognizable variants such as The Dark Knight era Batman, fans have been given the chance to tear down their rivals with mighty heroics.

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Following a post in April over on Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard’s Instagram, fans suspected Wonder Woman might be next in line to enter the game. Known for leaving hints in the background of his posts, all eyes were on Donald’s activity going forward. 

Reputable Fortnite leaker Shiina recently posted a list of content still due to release this year. Among that list was the mention of DC’s incredible team, the Justice League.

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Depending on what canon Fortnite chooses to adhere to, there are only a few heroes left to arrive. Between Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman, it is safe to assume the latter will be next. 

Adding an extra sprinkle of spice to the heat, Donald tweeted out a post of him enjoying a battle royale. What might be an ordinary post to some, was something special to fans. Despite a Batman bust taking up the foreground of the photo, in the background was the same Wonder Woman statue spotted earlier in April.

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Whilst this could be a coincidence, the leaks have definitely lead people to believe that Donald is up to something. 

The next season of Fortnite begins in September. With a world as unpredictable as Fortnite, anything could happen before then.

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